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Figure 9 - Large thin-section histology image (a) shows abnormal, contorted ducts with “micropapillary cancer in situ.” The accumulated fluid distends the ducts and branches. from ‘A Proposal to Unify the Classification of Breast and Prostate Cancers Based on the Anatomic Site of Cancer Origin and on Long-term Patient Outcome’ published in Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research. #LibertasAcademica #breastcancer #cancer #prostate #medicine #science

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Electrical activity of the Heart

(Source: allheartcare)

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This year’s Longitude Prize is focused on the growing problem of antibiotic resistant bacteria. They’ve put together a nice image, shown here, which showcases what they term ‘the ten most dangerous antibiotic resistant bacteria’. You can read more detail on each of them here:

The prize offers a £10 million prize fund for the development of a cheap, accurate, and easy to use bacterial infection test kit, which will allow doctors to prescribe the correct antibiotics at the correct time for patients, to try to help minimise the development of antibiotic resistance.

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New PubMed Journal Added

We are pleased to announce that our Journal of Experimental Neuroscience is now available on Pubmed.

The full list of our journals, including the 39 listed on Pubmed can be found on our website.

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Red blood cells in a blood vessel 

Erythrocytes are biconcave in shape and are the prime oxygen-carrying cell in blood. Also they are absolutely beautiful, as seen in this electron micrograph.

Credits: Michael Webb/Visuals Unlimited, Inc

from Daily Anatomy

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